The Bridesmaid's Daughter (St. Martin's Press and September Publishing, March 2018)

by Nyna Giles and Eve Claxton

For The Bridesmaid's Daughter I worked closely with author Nyna Giles from conceptualization of the book to completion. Nyna is the daughter of Carolyn Scott, a former Ford Model and best friend to Grace Kelly who served as bridesmaid at Grace's wedding in Monaco. Tragically, Carolyn's life took a long downward turn after she fell victim to undiagnosed mental illness. The book is set in the 1940s and 50s in Manhattan, where Grace and Carolyn first met, and in 1970s Long Island, where Nyna grew up. It tells the story of Grace and Carolyn's friendship, as well as Nyna's long journey from her difficult childhood to the discovery of the true cause of her mother's illness much later in life. The book will be published in March, 2018 in both the US and UK. You can pre-order here for the US and here for the UK. 

Praise for The Bridesmaid's Daughter:

“Here is the heart-rending story of two beautiful and glamorous women, and the spirals of disaster into which both their lives tumbled. As daughter and detective, Nyna Giles writes with moving sensitivity about the dazzling Grace Kelly and her best friend — Nyna’s own mother. The book unfolds like a novel — a tragic and deeply moving saga. Read it and weep.”

—Robert Lacey, bestselling author of Grace: Her Lives, Her Loves and The Crown

“Straight from the heart, and told with great bravery, The Bridesmaid's Daughter is a fascinating and powerful story of a daughter's love for a flawed parent and the struggle to understand a tumultuous childhood.”

—Wendy Lawless, New York Times bestselling author of Chanel Bonfire

 “Nyna Giles’ courageous and moving memoir of her mother, provides a heartrending account of the from grace of a beautiful woman from a small Ohio town into the abyss of madness and homelessness, and its devastating impact on her family.  One of the best personal accounts of the horror of mental illness unchecked since Susan Sheehan’s Is There No Place on Earth for Me."

Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, Chair of Psychiatry at Columbia University Columbia University Medical Center, past President of the APA and author of Shrinks.

 “With great courage and compassion, Nyna Giles shares a profoundly moving account of her relationship with her mother and her mother’s downward spiral into the dark world of psychotic illness. In doing so, she sheds a much needed light onto the heartbreak and treachery of untreated maternal mental illness on family, and especially on children.”

—Diana Lynn Barnes, Psy.D, author of Women’s Reproductive Mental Health Across the Lifespan

 “A poignant and courageous account of a dysfunctional family, with the focus on the author's mother, who was a friend of Grace Kelly's and a bridesmaid at her historic wedding."

—Donald Spoto, New York Times bestselling author of High Society: The Life of Grace Kelly